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Opening soon?

StephensAstro —  April 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

We normally re-open from our winter break in March or at latest, April. You may have noticed clear or clear-ish nights have been fairly rare and the trend continues so we have not yet scheduled anything for 2018. We will endeavor to begin our public observing events in May though now we are encountering issues with our old building. Weather? Building? It’s always something! Stay tuned here and via Twitter for program announcements and we will hope for the best.

Photo: "Solstice Skies over Stephens" Photo by David Dreimiller.

“Solstice Skies over Stephens” Photo by David Dreimiller. While it’s not actually solstice quite yet, the low sun and cloudy skies certainly go with the season!


The date of our final scheduled observatory Open Night has passed and Stephens Memorial Observatory will close for the season. If we enjoy a stretch of clear nights this winter, we may open for a special Open Night event (we would love to show you the Orion Nebula) so watch this website and our Twitter feed for updates. Otherwise, we’ll hope to reopen in March for monthly sessions. Until then, we wish you a happy holiday season and a new year full of peace and happiness.

Closed for winter

StephensAstro —  January 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

Chalk this up to FAQ: We are closed for the winter and plan no Open Nights until mid- to late March. Cloudy skies, cold, inclement weather, hazardous driving (and walking) conditions prompt us to make this policy. We hope to publish a schedule of programs in late February or early March. Til then, check back here for some astronomy news, follow us on Twitter (see news feed at right), and on any clear night look up!