Open Nights


Sadly, there will be no Open Nights conducted at Stephens Memorial Observatory until further notice. One of the most effective means of preventing spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is to maintain at least six feet of distance between each other. Inviting the public to share the crowded space beneath the observatory’s ~16-foot dome would not be wise in view of the risk.


Stephens Memorial Observatory offers regular public viewing nights.

We usually have one scheduled open night per month with a couple of different celestial objects picked for observing each night. Other nights and non-scheduled targets of opportunity will also be offered as circumstances arise! We have, for example, opened for an unexpected cometary apparition (Comet 17P/Holmes in 2007). Check here regularly for announcements.

Our 2020 Schedule: A printable version of the schedule. Click here! (You will need Adobe Reader or other PDF reading software in order to view this file.)

Public nights are conducted in “open house” fashion and attendance is free of charge. Visitors may come and go during the course of the evening though occasional special programming may require arrival at a specific time.

Attendees are asked to park on permitted side streets. Nearby Peckham Avenue is posted “No Parking” — you may be ticketed! There is no parking at the Observatory. DO NOT drive into or park in neighboring driveways; it’s inconsiderate and violators may be towed! Where are we??

For GPS navigation purposes our street address is: 6760 Wakefield Rd.; Hiram, OH 44234. Do not use for mail.

NOTE: Due to the age of our facilities, the Observatory is not handicap accessible nor do we have restroom facilities.